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Information, its use as well as conveyance, is a cornerstone of effective and efficient business. By carefully creating a seamless union between a company and its media needs, PharSide provides customized solutions that optimize an organization’s information processes. Examples of such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete Web Developent
       PHP/MySQL Development
       ASP/SQL/Access Development
       ColdFusion and SQL Development

  • User Interface Design
       Web UI Design
       CD-ROM UI Design
       Software UI Design

  • Branding/Logo Design
       Market Research

  • Internet Marketing
       Search Engine Optimization
       Web-based Marketing Management
       E-mail Based Marketing

  • Presentation CD-ROM
       HTML-based CD-ROMs
       Director-based CD-ROMs

  • Flash Design and Demos

  • Site Architecture and Design Spec
       Architecture Documentation
       Web Development specifications Documentation

  • Senior Team Consulting
       Certified Project Management
       Lead Developers
       Application Architects

  • Database Development and Maintenance
       Oracle DB Administration
       SQL/Access DB Administration
       MySQL DB Administration

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