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PharSide Clients - Cephus Capital Management Logo

Case Study: Cephus Capital Management
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Organization Profile:
Cephus Capital Management is an investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to providing unbiased portfolio management and long-term investment strategies to individuals, families and institutions.

Project Details:
CCM looks to PharSide to be a partner in bringing their website to the next level. They were not only looking to clean up the general site design and user interface but also wanted to add the flare and functionality of PHP.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database
  • Javascript
  • Heavy CSS
  • DHTML and other dynamic content display languages

Project Features:

  • Create site look and feel
  • Created PHP templates
  • Integrated content
  • Manage content (ongoing maintenance)

Project Solution:
Using PHP, we were able to setup a simple solution that utilized a template system which allows any user authorized by CCM to make changes on the fly and by editing simple text documents rather than sorting through hundreds of lines of code. The CCM system is so easy to use that they can add a page in less than 1 minute. Our lead designer worked with the CCM team to establish a design that resembled the company’s true identity.

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PharSide Clients - Cephus Capital Management Screenshot #1

PharSide Clients - Cephus Capital Management Screenshot #2

PharSide Clients - Cephus Capital Management Screenshot #3

Category: Corporate Clients
Date Completed: September 2005

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