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PharSide Clients - Dosho Design, Inc Logo

Case Study: Dosho Design, Inc
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Organization Profile:
By the Bowflex Founder - DDI offers a complete line of fitness products for personal conditioning, strength-training, muscle-toning, stretching and aerobics. The company has introduced several new proprietary products for use at home and in fitness clubs.

Project Overview:
Untitled document Completely redesign the site architecture while offering an easy to use content management system to allow DDI team members easy site editing and updating.  

Project Details:
Untitled document Install and customize a CMS system to handle all content and editing. Build several custom "plug and play" modules within CMS Made Simple to handle various types of content and of course the highly customized donation and event ticketing systems. Reinstall Zen-Cart shopping cart system for product, order and customer management.

Technologies Used:
Untitled document

  • CMS Made Simple Core
  • Javascript
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Smarty Templates and scripting using ajax for fast display
  • Secure Admin Panel for editing all content
  • Customized PayPal Pro module allowing for standard PayPal payments as well as seamless credit card payments via the site

Project Features:
Untitled document

  • Customized CMSMS System Core
  • Fully integrated Zen-Cart shopping cart platform for product sales
  • Customized membership system via many security levels
  • Designed site layout and defined all functions/processes UI
  • Created templates and integrated approved design
  • Customized modular feature sets within CMS Made Simple
  • Secure Admin Panel for editing all content
  • Customized news system and displays
  • Created a custom real-time credit application system to manage customers whom wish to finance DDI products. The system sends and retrieves immediate credit decisions based on the customer application form

Project Solution:
Untitled document The first step of the project was to migrate the site to a new server. We then rebuilt the whole site from ground up using CMS Made Simple (a free open-source content management system) to allow DDI stff to manage their content. We then installed and completely customized the Zen-Cart Shopping Cart System and configured all settings to work in the new environment. Finally we created several custom modules for both Zen-Cart and CMS Made Simple to handle all sorts of site functions and content. One of the most useful was a real-time credit application and approval process to allow DDI customers to completely finance their purchase.

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Category: featured
Date Completed: June 2008 - Present

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