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PharSide Clients - CMCP.org Logo

Case Study: CMCP.org
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Organization Profile:
CMCP’s mission is to promote diversity among the state’s attorney population, and thereby advance a more inclusive and just legal profession.

Project Overview:
Design and develop the new generation of the CMCP.org website from ground up while allowing CMCP Staff the flexibility to create and manage content within their site via a secure control (administration) panel. The membership system is a key requirement to automate membership dues, payments and accounting.

Project Details:
An organization like CMCP needs a system that saves them time. A system that only requires data to be entered once system wide. A system where all of the CMCP resources and content are held safe and organized. It was a great challenge!

Technologies Used:

  • Site Design
  • ASP Dev (Active Server Pages)
  • Access Database
  • Javascript

Project Features:

  • Complete Site Design
  • ASP/Access based CMS
  • Dynamic news system
  • Customized search options
  • Invoicing and credit card payments with backend accounting capabilities
  • Dynamic job manager (paid & free)
  • Newsletter system
  • Membership management system
  • All site updates/content changes are made via our own secure administration panel

Project Solution:
The core of the site was built on our content management system (CMS). Once we had the core up and running, PharSide began customizing the specific required modules to allow the dynamic display of multiple search results, news, press releases, job postings, and other types of dynamic content. Every page within this website is editable via the easy to use but extensive secure administration panel. CMCP staff can now maintain all of the sites content via a web browser with little or no knowledge of web design and HTML. PharSide also built in a fully customized member dues system which included invoicing, credit card (online) payments and a backend administration panel for offline checks and other payment types.

Click to visit CMCP.org


PharSide Clients - CMCP.org Screenshot #1

PharSide Clients - CMCP.org Screenshot #2

PharSide Clients - CMCP.org Screenshot #3

Category: Non Profit Organizations
Date Completed: June 2006

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