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Our methodology is based on a seven phase project lifecycle. This methodology was developed by PharSide to ensure mission critical client needs are met, these needs include: timeline, budget constraints, smooth integration with legacy systems or current infrastructure, and most importantly end-user satisfaction. Further, PharSide has developed a series of deliverables throughout the project lifecycle that assist in creating and maintaining a consensus, regarding the course, objectives and end result of the project, among both internal and external stakeholders. Lastly, we are able to apply this philosophy in the development of each of our clients' projects, according to their specific requirements, thereby avoiding a "cookie cutter" approach.

A building without a foundation is like a project without a proven methodology, it is doomed to fail.

PharSide’s unique 7-Phase Approach:

  • Phase 1: Assessment/Kick-off
  • Phase 2: Requirements Gathering
  • Phase 3: Technical Design & Architecture
  • Phase 4: Development and/or Design
  • Phase 5: Quality Assurance (QA Testing)
  • Phase 6: Deploy to Production
  • Phase 7: Post Production and Support

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