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This frequently asked questions section should answer most of your Website Design questions. If you need further assistance, please click the link at the bottom of this page to submit your question and possibly have it added to this section.


What existing organizational materials can we use for the design elements of the site?

Printed or electronic (unprinted) collateral is great and extremely helpful. Brochures, logos, photographs, business cards etc. can all be very useful in all faucets of the project lifecycle.

For newer organizations with little or no collateral designed - we will help you define your project as well as create all necessary custom design elements throughout the site.

I want to put my business online, but I don't know where to start.

You do not need any online experience at all. PharSide offers free consultation on all services. We help you right from the start! Our proven methology and development practices make it easy for you. Tell us about your business and how you want your site to function and we will make recommendations based on your specific requirements.

What can a website do for my business?

It is nearly impossible to try and create a list of the "pros" of a website. There are so possibilities that arrise when launching a website that no feature list can do it justice. Here are a few examples in no specific order of some of the immediate benefits of having a well designed and informative website.

  • Direct product sales
  • Reseller recruitment
  • Lead generation
  • Newsletter and mailing lists
  • New product awareness & announcements
  • Product support & help desk
  • Public relations & announcements
  • 24 hour communication with all clients and prospective clients
  • Membership/community building
  • Employee recruitment & job fulfillment

If you have a question that is not listed within these FAQ pages, submit it to us. To submit a new question for inclusion, simply click here and submit it to us.

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